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We spend almost 7-9 hours a day, on average, in front of our digital devices while working, gaming, or having fun.

Excessive use of these devices may lead to long term negative effects like:

• Disruptions in your sleeping patterns

• Eye fatigue, strained and dry eyes

• Poor Posture

Blight™ & Oblive™ - To keep your eyes healthy

These are anti-eye strain glasses that block the harmful blue light which is emitted from the screens of your digital devices.

Health benefits of these glasses - 

• Get rid of eye fatigue and headaches

• Get better sleep  

• Enhance your well-being

Upright™ - For your posture

This is a Posture Corrector Brace which helps in maintaining an upright posture while doing your preferred activities.

Health benefits -

• Improved blood circulation

• Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain

• Better focus and concentration

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